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Object of the Month: the sword of Theodoros Kolokotronis

In the Gods, Myths, and Mortals exhibition at the Hellenic Museum, you can see a sword, known as a saber. Its blade is curved to make it easier for the user to slash downwards at his enemies from atop a horse. It is made of steel, silver, gold, and ram horn. This was the sword of Theodoros Kolokotronis, one of the greatest heroes of the Greek War for Independence!

Kolokotronis’ entire family were klefts, anti-Ottoman rebels. The Greeks used to sing a song about how the Kolokotronis family never stopped fighting, and how because of this, they went everywhere on horseback, including inside church!

As the leader of the Greek armies in the south of Greece, Kolokotronis oversaw many important victories. We can only imagine how much battle, bloodshed, and adventure this sword has seen!

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