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Object of the Month: Memento Mori by Ox King

This month we explore Memento Mori, a series of three murals by artist Ox King at the Hellenic Museum. These artworks show the three fates (or moirai as the Greeks called them) spinning, measuring and cutting a thread. Read on to discover who they are and why the thread is important!

The three fates, depicted in the Memento Mori trio of murals by Ox King (Steven Nuttall)

Clotho (left)

Clotho, the youngest of the fates, chose when and whether a person was to be born. She spins the thread of human life.

Lachesis (centre)

Her sister Lachesis chose how much time of life each person was to be given. She measures the thread spun by Clotho.

Atropos (right)

Atropos, the eldest of the three sisters, chose how and when a person would die. Atropos cuts the thread measured by Lachesis.


Although the gods may give us clues to our destinies, as discussed in this month's Discover and Create blog, even they are helpless before the whims of the Fates.

You can visit the Fates at the Hellenic Museum! Memento Mori is a free, public art installation visible outside the Hellenic Museum at all hours, no museum admission required.

Image: The artist, Ox King stands in front of Lachesis, the centre mural in the Memento Mori trio.

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