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Fall of the Titans: Epic Mythology

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

According to ancient myth, the right to rule the universe was contested by the giant Titans and Olympian gods. Witness the fall of the Titans in this epic Dutch painting.

The Fall of the Titans by Cornelis van Haarlem, 1588–1590.

This oil painting, titled The Fall of the Titans was created by the Dutch painter Cornelis van Haarlem between 1588–1590, during a time known as the Renaissance (approximately 1300–1600). The Renaissance period took much inspiration from ancient Greece, including classical mythology!

The painting depicts the chaos caused by Zeus, the youngest Olympian god, when he rebelled against his father Cronus, the ruling Titan god. We can see the shock on the Titans’ faces as they suffered defeat at the hands of the Olympians, who were their family members.

The ten year battle between the Olympians and Titans for control of the universe was known as the Titanomachy. In the end, Zeus won by gathering his Olympian brothers and sisters to banish the Titans into Tartarus (the deepest part of the Underworld) forever.

This painting was bought and owned by the Danish king Christian IV in 1621 CE. Today it is displayed in the National Gallery of Denmark.

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