The ‘Argonauts Club’ is the umbrella educational program at the Hellenic Museum. This is a children’s club (ages 5-13) which is loosely based on the ABC radio program ‘Argonauts club’ (first broadcast in 1933). The Hellenic Museum Argonauts Club is an engagement, activity and education resource bringing together students, families and schools into a friendly and supportive network. The club aims to provide an adventurous cultural program that engages students with history, art, music, drama and science. Greek history (and the Argonauts myth) is a prominent feature of the club, however our purpose is to inspire curiosity in all forms of cultural knowledge and historical periods.

The Argonauts Club aims to encourage 

  • Interest, curiosity and enjoyment in historical study.

  • Historical inquiry which spurs members to ask and solve creative historical questions 

  • Knowledge of the past and its significance to the present

  • The ability to apply historical knowledge to other areas such as art, culture, science and geography.


Educational outcomes 

The Argonauts Club activities target the following AusVELS History student development levels:


1) Foundation to Level 2: students from 5 to 8 years of age

At this stage students are learning through play, inquiry and experimentation. The Argonauts program is designed to encourage members in this level to:

  • Engage with the stories of the past

  • Use their imagination to think about what life was like in the past

  • Explore a range of engaging stories and sources about the past

  • Gain an understanding of time as the concept of past, present and future.

  • Use some communication and expression forms such as graphic/artistic, oral, written and digital technologies



2) Levels 3–6: Students from 8 to 12 years of age

Here students draw on broader experiences in the community, extend their understanding of the world and explore their relationships to others and the past.

The Argonauts program is designed to encourage these members to:

  • Foster a multifaceted understanding of the world and its history, culture and geography.

  • Learn about and respect diversity and different perspectives

  • Engage with historical narratives and ask historical questions

  • Explore a range of sources about the past

  • Use a variety of communication and expression forms such as graphic/artistic, oral, written and digital technologies


  • Engage in the varied disciplines of the Arts such as art, drama and music.

  • Develop cognitive, aesthetic, kinaesthetic and technical skills.

  • Expand creative and critical thinking by expressing, creating, observing and communicating

  • Explore new creative ideas

  • Learn about cultural diversity


Workshops are available to the public at specific times throughout the year, the dates and times of which will be published on the Argonauts and Hellenic Museum websites, and can be booked online. Workshops can be booked anytime of the year for groups/parties or classes of 15 or more children. Workshops are also offered in conjunction with docent led museum tours in order for kids to gain a holistic understanding of Greek culture, history and art through the ages. 

For enquiries, or to book a workshop, please email

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