Total Duration: 1.5 hours

Location: Hellenic Museum

280 William Street, Melbourne


 Are you brave enough come and create your own mighty hoplite shield or cuirass?

Hoplites were Ancient Greek warriors. They protected their city states in wars with other cities and with foreign enemies. They were also employed within cities to maintain order in society, almost like the police today!! City-states like Athens and Sparta had armies of the fiercest Hoplites. 

In order to fight the Hoplites needed to protect themselves with armour. Hoplite armour weighed about 32 Kg in total! Can you imagine fighting a battle for hours and carrying so much weight?! The full suit of Hoplite armour was called the Hoplite Panoply. The Panoply included the bronze plated shield called a hoplon, chest armor called a cuirass, the bronze helmet with a crest of horsehair and greaves or leg guards. A Hoplon shield was big enough to protect a warrior from his chin to his knees.

During this workshop kids will have the opportunity to learn about the Hoplite panoply and make their own shield or curiass. 

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